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OpenZone is a company specialized in the distribution and implementation of professional solutions for everything that is state-of-the-art in technology:

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Automation and Security
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Servers and Web Hosting
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Web Design and Development
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Structured Wiring, etc.

Providing a wide range of equipment and services.

Our company currently has a complete portfolio with professional solutions in the technological field.

Our solutions represent the next step in the development and transformation of your business, from a minimal and common business, to a successful business that offers information, services and products.

Acting since 2010, the market, as exclusive importer of products for the smart home, home automation, security, servers, and hosting services and design development of electronic platforms, web pages, etc...

The competitiveness of these solutions is based on high-performance technology, versatility and adaptability, all in a single system and at a reasonable cost.

Our team of specialists is based on a vast experience acquired both nationally and internationally.

The dedication and desire to excel in our company offers a positive certainty and guarantees the success of any project, regardless of its complexity.

We target both those who want more comfort, control and security in their own businesses and companies and those who understand that automation with their part of the internet is to control their costs more efficiently, while providing a high level of leads.

To identify future market needs, the company is in continuous development at national level with the implementation of new services and a diversified product range.

OpenZone is a company that is constantly updated and offers information technology services, web hosting, VPN servers, web design, electronic security, home automation, structured cabling, fire systems and much more.

⦿ We have extensive experience in technical support to optimize and maintain your company’s information technology.

We conduct studies to detect opportunities for improvement in your business in terms of information technology and, thus, together, optimize resources to achieve the best performance of daily activities.

⦿ Our team is formed by highly qualified engineers in constant training and evaluation, who will professionally solve all your requirements with an excellent service attitude.


We offer consulting services and solutions for your business, where the quality is first before any type of requirement, integrating a team of specialized personnel in the treatment that our clients deserve. Not to mention that for us these are the MOST IMPORTANT.


To be the best company for technological solutions, supported by the QUALITY OF THE SPECIALIZED SERVICE we offer to our clients.


⦿ Honesty: Transcendent and above all healthy, it is understood as the ability to act correctly in each of the activities we perform.

⦿ Loyalty and Professionalism: It is fundamental for our company and keeps our bases firm.

⦿ Commitment: For all our clients we offer quality services; With a business generating a stable environment for the families of our collaborators respecting the high standards established.

⦿ Service attitude: All company personnel, without exception, strive to be polite, proactive and interested in the effective and efficient delivery of our services.

⦿ Respect: Fundamental pillar of our company philosophy.

⦿ Innovation: It is predominant in our daily activities, always offering the best alternative solutions for our customers.

⦿ Punctuality and Responsibility: Respect for our clients’ time is constantly reflected in our daily activities.


To be a leading company in technological services and solutions. Basing our principles on the full satisfaction of our customers, always seeking to be at the forefront and transcend through the inexhaustible training of staff to give

Services We Offer

Because the needs of our customers are different, we offer different solutions, mainly aimed at the sector in which we want to focus our efforts.

Small and Medium Enterprises: OpenZone guarantees that all goods and services have an optimal quality / price ratio, 100% verified to achieve the TOTAL SATISFACTION of our customers, without forgetting that for us this is the most important thing.

Professional Support

⦿ We have server infrastructure.

⦿ Computer and physical security.

⦿ Circuit surveillance cameras and controlled access.

⦿ Our staff has a professional profile in systems engineering, computer science or information systems.

We offer:

🗸 Web design,
🗸 Internet domains
🗸 Web Hosting
🗸 Professional VPS and Dedicated Servers
🗸 Sale and installation of Hardware & Software for computer equipment.
🗸 Email marketing, advertising and promotion.
🗸 Virtual stores for e-commerce.
🗸 Configuration, sale and installation of Computers.

🗸 Outsourcing to control the systems area.
🗸 Integral solutions for wired or wireless networks.
🗸 Alarm systems for your home and/or office.
🗸 Anti-Fire Systems
🗸 Access Control Systems
🗸 Biometric Systems
🗸 Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
🗸 Structured Cabling
🗸 Optimization and Maintenance of Technology

Technical Support

🗸 Preventive and corrective maintenance of systems and services offered.
🗸 Preventive and corrective maintenance of computer equipment.
🗸 Design, installation and maintenance of networks and servers.

🗸 Installation and configuration of equipment and systems.
🗸 On-site, remote and telephonic assistance and technical support.
🗸 Comprehensive policies for maintenance and technical support services.